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'Art breathed    in London,   birthed of Samoa'

Innovative Opera, Danse, Music Theatre, Plays and Film influenced by Samoa and the wider pacific. GAFA exists to speak, sing, see, sway, and strut as a movement for introspection, acknowledgement and change. GAFA re - forms traditional art structure by in forming with our own shapes. 

'This type of theatre is indeed vital and deserves attention'

LGBTQ Arts Review



R'Otello the Rugby Opera

"The way the GAFA Arts Collective GAC approach everything is refreshing, from the venue to the style, to the representation of women in Shakespeare, to breaking all of the pre-conceived ideas about opera and the classics."

LGBTQ Arts & Culture review October 2015


Kava Girls

"I was actually moved at the end of the Kava Girls show, a bit choked up, I just had to say thank you for a great show it was much more than we both expected and deserved a bigger stage and audience.” Audience club

GAFA Samoa

 “The GAFA Samoa performance was outstanding, but it needs to be on stage again - my wish: Berlin - Auckland - Apia"

Fensterseifer Berlin

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