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We are Londons first Samoan Arts Collective. GAFA pronounced Nga-Fah) is a Samoan word meaning genealogy. Our work is primarily focused on Samoan Art practice and culture reflecting our ancestral roots. We seek truth, innovation and discovery.

We are a cross-cultural and disciplinary group of London-based artists.

We are writers and musicians.

We are performers, designers and filmmakers.

We are professionals and novices.

We are in collaboration to share our skills and our experiences in order to create a unique art view.


Thank you for your support

Sani Muliaumaseali'i

Creative Director & co- founder

Gafa Arts Collective (GAC

London & Europes FIRST Samoan Arts Collective


T H E    G A F A    A R T S    C O L L E C T I V E    (G A C)


Plays. Musicals. Plays with Songs.  Spoken word. Film. Readings.

We are champions of  NEW WORK .


Samoa Siva. Contemporary forms. Intercultural Visions. HAKA. MAULU'ULU.SĀSĀ.



Intuitive ways of presenting the Operatic  repertoire.  Concerts, indoor and outdoor, Orchestral and intimate recitals. ORATORIO that MOVES.


We re - form traditional art structure by in forming with our own shapes. GAFA, works as a movement for introspection, acknowledgement and change. QUANTUM ART

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