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An  event about
sustainable connection. 
LOVE is the most sustainable energy resource we possess. It’s in the music, it’s in the elements, and it’s in us all. This is reflected in our choice of repertoire, vendors and how we choose to power OSTW.Concertgoers will engage in this resource through: love of self, neighbour, community and the planet. It’s local and it’s global. Opera is passion, and we need to be passionate about these issues and the universal language of music unites us all. 
It's in the music.
It's in the elements.
It's in us all.  

It's Global & Local...

Featuring  Pacific Stars of Opera and music theatre Sani Muliaumaseali'i, Aivale Cole, Ben Makisi, Marlena Devoe, Benson Wilson, Melissa Veszi, Ninotchka Tingleff, Caroline Rovina. The LeoGAFA Voices.

'The GAFA Orchestra of the Future'

The aspirant will play  alongside the  professional musician for OSTW. Expericnce and enthusiasm is the make  up of this prodigiously talented, UK  formed  'GAFA Orchestra of the Future' led  by Westend and international  Maestro, Andy Philip.

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