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Baba the Bad Baboon
Or How the Baboon lost it's talil
Music and book by Sani Muliaumaseali'i
In the palace of dreams, the supreme protector of animals and nature, warrior goddess
Poluknalai, guards Ool,
holder of the eight keys of the elements. 
Suspicious climate disasters erode 
Poluknalai’s confidence.

Baba the baboon who convinces her to take a break.
But Baba is power mad and steals the keys from Ool causing chaos- Can Poluknalai save the world?  

''I highly recommend Baba The Bad Baboon to all Local Mums. The songs and the acting are wonderful!”
Sarah, Local Mum

It’s very effective in engaging children with important global issues.”
Jo, Local Mum

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