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She held up her hands to fend from the fight he pushed her away to escape from the bitethey screamed something awful uncivilized Each of them hurting Deep down inside no room for words both beaten - they cryThe child is failing His way out of life the principal's calling the Police roll on by 'Everything's good here, Everything's fine' They, all three, lie And they lie through Their days

Somehow, surviving Their way through the craze then tumbles down this stuff built of straw And none can forget All that they saw Ah Ah Ah Ah Welcome Welcome Take up a chair A world of arias

To show you we care Ah Ah Ah Ah Tenderhearts listen You're bruised And You're scarred but you have to remember this is not who you are no one the master, none the slave all live with dignity, none live depraved beckon the princess, the pilot, the king let drift through ballerina to take away shame Care is our arrow Your hurt selves our aim Greetings Petunias good-day pretty please no more of this begging for life on your knees

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