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Seeing is believing

The gift you give yourself

My eyes are sharp. They see from the heart and ignite with sparkle when I see talent.

Not really sure what it is some of it has to be the recognition of self in another, or the respect that comes from just being in the presence of a gift: especially when it is in its formative stage.This does not necessarily relate to age, but when discovered in the young, the possibility of a life of rainbow after rainbow after rainbow is food for the soul.

Discovery inspires inexhaustible energy, the intrepid coursing through a terrain of gifts is like finding treasure after treasure - an untouched reserve of natural beauty.

It may be the single solitary sumptuous note in an otherwise tuneless voice, or the fresh approach someone has to life or work, it may be the new and innovative way someone does something - all these things can precipitate vast ability to hone and nurture.

Mentor me

I have been helped along my way in life by some of the worlds best in the field of opera. People who gave their time and their talent because they could recognize my inherent gifts, even if I didn't at the time.

They led me to water, whereupon I could choose to drink - or not - but thats another story.

Imagine singing for hours on end with the vocal coach who used to teach Pavarotti his roles while at covent garden, Pavvy as she affectionately called him, used to baby sit for Nina - she in turn baby sat me through Verdi, Puccini and countless other masters. She took no prisoners but had a heart of gold and the skill of a god when it She taught me to love the work, kept me loving to work and above all to respect myself. I honed my skills as a singing actor with Nina Walker, and with her I fully understood that I had give my all to my art. Nina Walker, wow, what a great lady.

He was a hard task master - really hard - he had megalomaniacal tendencies but at his core was a love for the Wagnerian repertoire that was unrivaled. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger they say - perhaps, but it certainly made me wiser. Sir Donald McIntyre had so much experience and skill as one the worlds greatest Wotans that I was honoured when he selected me as 'the one' to impart his knowledge to. We worked assiduously for two years on Siegfried and other Wagnerian roles, in a nutshell he was truly. Unforgettable.

I also see the apprenticeship as a chance for the mentor to relive past triumphs, passing one knowledge with laced with some smug! - this was sometimes true of some of my time with Sir McIntyre - but motives are often for the betterment of the talent at hand.


I have always been a creator of possibility - (dare I say starmaker!) I simply love it .As well as my own gifts for writing, all my presentations celebrate the talents of others.I am in the service industry - to patrons, audience and collegues - service brings great rewards. I've strived yy whole life to salute the god within us all, (even when I felt like strangling him/her!) There is a famous Samoan proverb - the road to leadership is through service. Leading by giving. Leading by seeing the possibilites and showing the way.

Seeing the possibilities, indeed, my latest play, ‘The third country’ is no exception. We have the latent talents of professional actors brought to the fore and in the other prominent roles the new exciting and young excite through The opportunities and talents abound for all of us.

Just look inside.

Faafetai tele lava

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